Our hope is to change each heart that crosses our path allowing each person to know and believe that they ARE important in this world regardless of race, sex, religion, culture or creed. We all have hearts that beat each day and although the rhythms may vary, the function of the heart remains the same in all of us. Let’s join together as one heart and make a difference in this world.

We have found that the best way to encourage love is to walk in kindness and love in all that we do. It’s amazing the impact on another’s life when we genuinely step forward to help, asking for nothing in return. It brings healing and hope to those who previously could not see past their troubles.

Small acts of love accomplished with a compassionate heart will change the neighborhood in which you live. At every moment of each day we have the opportunity to help change the world. You are called to do more.

In the Spirit of Love encourages you to do an act of love – “something kind, thoughtful and unexpected for someone else”. No need to wait for a special occasion, when you unexpectedly perform an act of kindness for someone else it not only increases the love within their heart but will increase the love within your heart too.

Will you join us in becoming the biggest love campaign recorded in history?

With MUCH Love,

In the Spirit of Love Team

Thank you ITSOL Volunteers

We are very grateful for the wonderful volunteers who have joined the In the Spirit of Love (ITSOL) team. We have designated this area of our website to say THANK YOU!!! And to post pictures of events they have so selflessly given of their time. Here is a photo of ITSOL volunteers feeding the homeless in Chicago.

It is amazing what can happen when people come together to Love others in their time of need. Not only did the volunteers give of their time but many brought items to donate such as hats, food and socks. One of the volunteers even gave their brand-new gloves right off of their own hands! There are so many ways to help others. It doesn’t have to be in huge ways, every little bit does make a difference. Make a few sandwiches and feed the homeless in your city. Buy someone a bottled water or hot cup of coffee. Be the Love in all you do … be the change this world so desperately needs.



In the Spirit of Love Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization founded to help those in need. Our team of volunteers travel the world coming to the side of people of all backgrounds to bring hope thru Love and financial assistance. Under our umbrella, we are able to help multiple causes because there is no limit to Love. We help the elderly, the poor, the single parents, the special needs,  the homeless … the hurting hearts in the world.

Each person is born with the Spirit of Love. Our mission is to encourage each heart to live that Love. We are always looking to expand our reach thru hearts across the world who want to make a difference. Please reach out to us today thru our Contact page if you are interested in being part of the In the Spirit of Love movement.


Welcome to our donations page and thank you very much for partnering with us to help those in need.

Your donation could be a Miracle to someone today. We are able to help those in need all around the world and in your local community. We will ensure we keep you updated as to our different fundraising efforts here on this page and through our email list.

Jahleel Foundation, Uganda

Together we have been able to help starving children have meals, clothing, and beds to sleep on. We have a Zoom call with these special Angels every Saturday. It is amazing to watch the Miracles happen as people move In the Spirit of Love. We are looking for monthly sponsors (in any amount) who will help us to care for these orphans in Uganda. Partner with us today.

Jahleel Foundation Community Outreach Ministries in Uganda

Community Outreach Ministries go out into the Villages of Uganda to bring much-needed food and Love to those in need. So many people go days without food and hold little hope. Community Outreach Ministries (a branch of Jahleel Foundation) lives the Love and brings hope through their outreach ministry. Part of their mission is to give people a reason to smile again.

Live it! Love Tote Challenge

We are so excited to have you join us in our first Live it! Love Tote Challenge. The Live it! Love Tote challenge is a call to action … a call to live kindness and love to those around you. It is a challenge designed to spark acts of kindness and love within hearts all around the world!

How can you help?

You can order your Live it! Love Totes, fill them with love, and share them with others.

Or, you can make a donation of $20 and we will fill two Live it! Love Totes for you and deliver them to those in need.

It’s easy, just click one of the buttons below to make your donation or place your order.

Our Story

Where there is great LOVE there are always miracles! Did you know that you could be someone’s miracle? Sometimes through a smile, a helping hand, a meal, sharing your time, or a financial donation. One act of kindness can change a life forever in an amazing way. In the Spirit of Love reaches out to help those in need all around the world.

Here are some ways you can help us bring much-needed LOVE to people around the world:

Live it! – Live the LOVE that you know is so desperately needed in the world. You never know how far the one act of kindness, you start, can reach. Did you ever think about how when you extend your hand and share your heart that it inspires someone to pay it forward? Your kindness could reach the ends of the earth … very powerful!

Everyone is made to LOVE and be LOVED – Make a decision to LOVE others unconditionally. Don’t LOVE based on how someone treats you or how they look, simply just LOVE period! Challenge yourself to LOVE others because it is in your heart … it is who you are! When you let LOVE lead, you will be amazed just how many miracles come through your acts of kindness.

Here is one of our favorite ITSOL memories! The ITSOL volunteers went to Abaco, Bahamas to bring kindness and LOVE to the children and to the elderly. We are so blessed to have been part of a great outreach through Heal Our Land!