Welcome to our donations page and thank you very much for partnering with us to help those in need.

Your donation could be a Miracle to someone today. We are able to help those need all around the world and in your local community. We will ensure we keep you updated as to our different fundraising efforts here on this page and through our email list.

Featured Fundraiser

Our featured fundraiser is help for the Miller Family. In the Spirit of Love knows how critical it is to come by the side of those in need, especially during a crisis. The Miller family found themselves suddenly without their dearly loved husband and father. Pastor Collin Miller passed away tragically in a car accident. He is highly respected in his community and afar. He committed his time helping countless people in their times of need. He would take phone calls at midnight to ensure someone was okay. He would spend hours by someone’s side praying with them, counseling them and lifting them up. He is greatly missed by all who know him.

His family is in need of assistance to help with everyday things like food, utilities, clothing, school books for his children, etc. Any donation would make a difference. Would you consider making a donation through In the Spirit of Love today? You can click the link below to go to the fundraising page. Thank you for your Love for the Miller family!

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