Welcome to our donations page and thank you very much for partnering with us to help those in need.

Your donation could be a Miracle to someone today. We are able to help those in need all around the world and in your local community. We will ensure we keep you updated as to our different fundraising efforts here on this page and through our email list.

Our Story

Where there is great LOVE there are always miracles! Did you know that you could be someone’s miracle? Sometimes through a smile, a helping hand, a meal, sharing your time, or a financial donation. One act of kindness can change a life forever in an amazing way. In the Spirit of Love reaches out to help those in need all around the world.

Here are some ways you can help us bring much-needed LOVE to people around the world:

Live it! – Live the LOVE that you know is so desperately needed in the world. You never know how far the one-act of kindness, you start, can reach. Did you ever think about how when you extend your hand and share your heart that it inspires someone to pay it forward? Your kindness could reach the ends of the earth … very powerful!

Everyone is made to LOVE and be LOVED – Make a decision to LOVE others unconditionally. Don’t LOVE based on how someone treats you or how they look, simply just LOVE period! Challenge yourself to LOVE others because it is in your heart … it is who you are! When you let LOVE lead, you will be amazed just how many miracles come through your acts of kindness.

Here is one of our favorite ITSOL memories! The ITSOL volunteers went to Abaco, Bahamas to bring kindness and LOVE to the children and to the elderly. We are so blessed to have been part of a great outreach through Heal Our Land!