Dare to Imagine

Albert Einstein conceived imagination as limitless when he said, “imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”

Imagination can provide a sense of freedom, an escape from the melancholy and the drudgery of life. It provides mental images of possibilities resulting from feelings and past experience. Setting goals is more helpful when we can imagine reaching them. For example, when we are driven to document corporate merit goals tied to not only performance, but also pay, we use the SMART system and choose goals that we deem as achievable. We imagine what we can achieve.

As Einstein eludes, the ability for humans to imagine is virtually unlimited. In addition to arbitrary escape, we use it when we daydream, to relieve stress, to heal, and also when we plan. Those that are most creative, like artists and writers, embrace imagination as a catalyst to invention. You can also witness boundless imagination in films produced for children.

Ways to harness the power of imagination:

  • Watch a fantasy or children’s film
  • Practice ‘Safe Place’ visualization meditation technique
  • Use the’ Lightstream Technique’ for trauma
  • Start your day by imagining the best possible scenario for that day
  • Utilize evocative imagery to overcome upcoming challenges
  • Experience safe and responsible experimentation in daily tasks/events
  • Practice ‘thought diffusion’ by imagining negative thoughts taking the form of shifting objects

Because your brain is challenged to differentiate real happenings from imagined happenings, imagination can be very powerful. You can use it to heal from the past, to create positive emotions in the present, and to embrace future encouraging outcomes.

The power is in your hands, or should I say, in your mind. Consider the use of imagination to capture the positive and diffuse the negative. Limitation is no excuse…

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